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Why Go Organic: Our Vision For Going Clean and Green

Have you thought about going clean and green? Read on to learn more about our Nutjob’s reasons for working with organic ingredients sourced through sustainable farming practices.

We’re clean, green, and very (not) mean. We believe in kindness for the planet, our pets, and ourselves. Making it easier to celebrate life’s most important milestones without the bellyache, our artisans focus as much as what goes on on the inside as they handcraft on the out.

You’ve found us--our small corner of the internet where like minded Nutjobs come together. We believe in sustainable living, organic food, and treating the earth as kindly as we treat ourselves. To bring these values together, we handcraft conscious desserts that bring out the kid in us all.

If you’re in the market for dietary friendly sweets or (like us) believe in going green, our expert bakers work within the parameters of allergies and alternative lifestyles to make the healthiest cakes in the world. In fact, we’re so committed to being out of the ordinary, every creation we deliver is guaranteed to be:

Why do we go to such great lengths to make these creations? So that we can connect with other nutjobs, build healthier communities, and have our cake and eat it too. Believing that a healthy planet starts with healthy people, we work to make sure that big kids (and little ones!) can indulge their sweet tooth with a minimal carbon footprint.

If you want to learn more about how (and why) we choose the ingredients and growers we work with, you can dive deep into the Nutjob ethos below.

Why and How We Choose Sustainably Farmed Ingredients

“What we pick, where we pick it, and why.”

Sustainable farming--where every Nutjob journey begins. While the agricultural industry has a huge impact on the lifestyle of many Australian families, the majority of our production and harvesting methods are less than kind. From chemically fed crops to genetically modified fertilizers, we believe that food in its natural form is the most nutritious for us and the earth.

To ensure that every creation is free from additives, pesticides, and nasty chemicals, we source a minimum of 95% of our ingredients from small, local families who practice sustainable farming methods. If you’re new to the market, growers who follow sustainable agricultural practices prioritize the health of the environment, animal welfare, and safe and nutritious food.

What does this mean for our community? That the ingredients hand blended into your desserts have supported the livelihood of a local farming family, been grown without the use of environmentally damaging chemicals, and were lovingly harvested by a community who care about the health of all living beings.

We reckon there’s a lot of information on and off the web about sustainable and organic farming--so let’s summarize the difference between the two so you know exactly where we stand. Produce, poultry, and other locally grown foods that are marketed as certified organic have been independently reviewed by one of six Australian industry certifiers. Where an ingredient required for our creations is unavailable from a certified organic grower, we will search for an alternative from an equally sustainable source.

What does this mean for you? That we are transparent about what goes into your desserts from the ground, up. We can work within the parameters of requests, dietary needs, and personal preferences to make sure that your next milestone is as delicious as it is kind.

From organic eggs to sustainably sourced honey, pesticide free flowers and hand dipped candles, every facet of your creation has been considered and crafted with love. We’re happiest out in the fields with our hands in the trees and feet on the ground and our Nutjobs pick up Mother Nature’s finest ingredients to show you and the planet we care.

To ensure that your next celebration is one that’s good for you and the environment, we hand deliver our creations around the greater Sydney area to reduce the distance from farm to table. Further, we:

  • Visit our friendly local farmers to help pick and pack our ingredients so that we know they come directly from the source.

  • Hand dip our own organic candles from Australian beeswax and organic cotton to add a touch of imperfect luxury to your big day

  • Partner with like minded Nutjobs who believe in doing good for others. From our friend photographer Elle Hall Creative to Rosie Browning from Know The Rose, a holistic life lover Eryn Parker the founder of Wild Luna Retreats and up-and-coming Australian businesses working for people and the planet, we’re part of a for-purpose community finding balance between passion and putting in the hard yards.

Celebrating Your Day The Conscious Way

Our mission and vision are simple--we craft decadent organic desserts using nature’s finest ingredients in their raw form. No refined sugars, no gluten, no dairy, no grains, our Nutjobs have found a way to have their cake and eat it too. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, or pet pup party (we mark our furry friend’s milestones too!) our team can craft up a sustainable work of art that tastes as good as it looks.

If you’re ready to step away from the nasties and into a clean, green life without leaving the sweet stuff behind, we’re your Nutjobs--and we’re so happy to have you here.



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