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Nutjob's organic grain free muffin recipe, for healthier you.

... you'll wish you've known them earlier.

Chocolate Naked Cake by Nutjob Bakery Sydney


Now, we're not saying that you need these muffins to be healthy, this is not what we said....

But we just know the human brain too well, I mean we are all basically wired the same way. The most sustainable way is not to completely avoid certain food, in this case desserts, it is more to be equipped with the right tool to make eating desserts healthier and to create less damage.

Let's face it, at some point we all feel like something sweet and if we don't have a better option ready available, we're basically screwed.

So we wrote this recipe for you and for one of my best friends that lives in UK, that asked me last night if I can send her our gluten free muffin recipe....and can we just say I have shared this recipe in the last few years soooo many times; let's do it again!

The composition of your desserts is important

A little bit of the boring stuff but it is very important how your recipes are created. They can be gluten free, dairy free and free of everything but what's in them is way more important and in what ratio.

We believe the overall composition of your meals (including cakes) matter more than any individual component when it comes to your health, which is why we always keep the base of our desserts rich in healthy fats, protein and fiber, which will slow down the sugar component entering your bloodstream and prevent spikes.It's also worth mentioning that we fairly reduced the amount of sweeteners, for our well being and for allowing other flavors in the dessert to naturally come through. There's nothing worse than an overly sweet dessert you can't even guess the flavor.

Finally your muffin recipe...


200g organic almond blanched flour

2-3 tbl organic cacao powder or carob powder if you're avoiding caffeine

1 teaspoon celtic salt (or any good salt)

1 teaspoon organic bi-carb soda

3 organic eggs

135g organic coconut sugar (our personal preference is to keep it at 100g)

100g organic coconut or regular yogurt

1tsp organic vanilla extract (optional)

Mix wet ingredients and sugar with a hand mixer until super thick - approx 5 min. Gradually add dry ingredients to the wet and gently mix until incorporated.

Pour in a medium muffin tin (12 muffins medium size) and bake at 165 degrees/fan forced for 17 min. This recipe makes 12 muffins, or double the batch and store in the freezer.

If you prefer mini muffins, this batch makes 30 mini muffins. Bake at 165 degrees/fan forced for 12 min.

We prefer using coconut sugar over any other, because it gives so much more flavor and a warm earthy tone than any other sweetener.

Tip: if a recipe uses a metric system, please always use a scale (not cups like some of my friends ;)

Less is more.

We don't think these muffins need anything on top, they're gorgeous and fluffy just the way they are. But if you're having people over and want to show off or really really want a topping, this is what we would pair them with:

A drizzle of a good quality dark chocolate w a raspberry/strawberry thrown on top.

Organic coconut yogurt and berries.

Or a drizzle of organic peanut butter and raspberries...

We love to top these with organic fruit, especially for the kids, which means they will feel fuller quicker and won't ask for more and more muffins.


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