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First Baby's Sugar Free Cake and why we created it.

Sugar free organic cake for your little one's first birthday.

Nutjob Bakery gluten free pastry tarts

Let's just say that you guys inspired (forced) us to create completely sugar free cake for your mini ones, and we love to be challenged. We totally get it, you want to keep the sugar 'pollution' away for as long as possible, and we're here for it.

Our sugar free baby cake does not contain any type of sweetener, when babies are born their taste buds are intact and extremely sensitive so their mild taste buds will appreciate/love our naturally fruit sweetened cake.  For that reason this cake is only recommended for very young children whose taste buds haven't been altered by artificial flavors and sweeteners (it will most likely taste very bland to you, which is what we wanted - because that means more cake for your baby).

We created our Baby's First Cake from  100%  organic Australian plants - while keeping it gluten free, paleo, dairy free, sugar free and healthy/wholesome all at the same time! Many kids suffer from food intolerance from early age so we wanted to make it inclusive for all our babies.

Now let's not focus on what's not in it, but let's see what is our Baby's Cake made of, because we believe that's way more important.

Nutjob Baby's Sugar Free Cake and what's in it?

The inspiration for our sugar free cake came from our very famous Hummingbird Cake recipe - and that's because our Hummingbird Cake already contains a lot of organic fruit that naturally adds a lot of flavor to the cake, without the need for any added sweeteners.  

We basically gathered the best organic bananas and pineapples from our Qld farms, coconut and biodynamic macadamia nuts from Marco and his Woodonga Park and organic vanilla beans from our friends Broken Nose Vanilla that add additional sweetness.

Additional flavors (because we want your baby to enjoy their first cake) that add to the overall experience are organic lime, dash of organic ginger and cinnamon and organic mesquite powder with a lovely earthy sweet note.

Macronutrient composition of our cakes

We believe the overall composition of your meals (including cakes) matter more than any individual component when it comes to your health, which is why we paired the fruit component of the cake with an almond flour base, chia and flex seeds - rich in dietary fats and fiber (not a grain base high in carbohydrates) to make sure that the natural sugar from the fruit is gradually released into the bloodstream, not causing a spike.

Organic chia, flex seeds and mesquite powder make sure this cake is rich in prebiotics, and coconut yogurt adds gut friendly probiotics.

'To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.'

Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Hummingbirds are one of the most special living beings, symbolizing joy and happiness, and reminding us of the little things in life and their importance...we like to believe that our Hummingbird will have the same impact on you celebrating your baby's 1st birthday.

This cake is available to be ordered here in a mini size (for your baby only) 11 cm width (3 portions - because they'll come back for more); add our handmade organic candles to the party. We hope they truly love their first cake experience.

If you wish to serve our original Hummingbird Cake next to your baby's sugar free cake, you can order it here, for all the adults and older kids, so you can enjoy the same flavor together.

Many thanks to our friend Lauren Harris from Tadah Sewing Patterns for borrowing us her mini daughter Sia for our photoshoot. Sia arrived all dressed up in hand made clothes using Tadah patterns.

Massive thank you to our friend Elle Hall for photographing our mini session.

Marina x


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