Everything you ever wanted to ask...

how far in advance is best to order a cake?

The sooner the better, we are happy to accept your orders months in advance, the earlier you book the happier we are.. that way we can accommodate everyone and plan accordingly. If you get in touch last minute, we might be booked out, and that would just break our hearts. 

does Nutjob 
have a front store?

At this point Nutjob creates your desserts in a commercial studio in Waterloo/Surry Hills, and there's no physical shop where you can pop your heads in... 

is pick up available from Waterloo/Surry Hills?

Absolutely, we love when you guys stop by and collect your desserts, that way we have more time for the actual creation of your desserts, and there's no extra delivery cost for you. 


If you choose to collect your cake, you will receive collection details via email. 

Collection point is in 18 Danks Street, Waterloo NSW. 

what are Nutjob
opening hours?

You will have to book specific collection time with us, to make sure we are around. We are very flexible though, and most of the time collection is available from 7am - 11pm  7 days a week. 

delivery days?

We deliver 7 days a week, including public holidays.

is catering for weddings & special events available? 

Absolutely, please get in touch via email  marina@nutjobbakery.com.au and let's chat! 

what ingredients  are used in Nutjob desserts?

Everything that grows in Australia will be sourced through our friends Farmers from their sustainable/ organic farms, we believe that we all deserve the best from our land. 

We use only 'clean', simple and organic/ sustainably grown ingredients, from nature. There's no additives, gums, thickeners or preservatives in Nutjob desserts. 

Please read more in the section ABOUT

what dietary requirements is Nutjob able to accommodate?

100% of our menu is Paleo (grain free), Gluten free, Dairy free & Soy free and vegetable OILS free. 

Some of the desserts on the menu are Nut free, and some can be requested as Nut free. Lately we have added more Plant based (vegan) options to our menu, with a plan to add more in the near future. 

If you have any additional dietary requirements or just need to swap an ingredient, please get in touch, we will be happy to accommodate, if possible. 

are Nutjob desserts safe for babies? 

One of the reasons we started Nutjob is to provide a healthier option for your little ones, especially for the tiny ones that just turn their big ONE. 

Our desserts have been created in collaboration with dietitians, and holistic nutritionists to make sure that everything we use is safe for your babies. 

For example, honey is not recommended for babies, so for your little one's 1st cake we will swap honey for organic low glycemic index sweetener, such as organic agave or coconut syrup. 

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