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Part 1: Sustainable trends and people that inspire us!

Every now and then there's an individual that seriously inspires us, and we thought to introduce them to you, because you never know when in life they might just inspire you.

Our muses come from a variety of settings, variety of industries...they're business people, a single mother, a huntress - and they inspire the hell out of a way. There's always one single thing that all of us do really well and that in this or another way inspire someone.

Starting this series with our first muse @nikkichanch

Our First Impression

If we didn’t know anything about her (not even her name, or what she does…) we would introduce her as Joy. If your paths ever cross and you meet Nikki, the first thing you’ll feel/notice being around her, is just pure genuine joy.

Why Does She Inspire

She’s a true authentic meliorist - a person who believes the world can be made better by combined human effort…which is probably why she’s the co-owner of the most sustainable retail store in Manly and the host of her newest show (we can’t keep up with all the projects she’s involved in so excusemua if we missed anything).

She inspires us daily (with kindness and her sustainable practices) more than she’ll ever know…so much that we focused our new year resolutions around sustainability and reducing waste (personally and business wise) - this girl has a super special place in our hearts.

Practicing Sustainability

We recently visited her place and it wasn't a shocker that this girl practices what he preaches (she also doesn't preach, she leads by an example in the most subtle and inspirational way).

Not that we went through her drawers and cabinets but everything visible in her apartment was plastic free, re-usable, sustainably made and toxic free - all the sustainable and organic home essentials you can find at Bleak Store

What we love about her is that Nikki keeps reminding us that a path to a healthier and more sustainable life is exactly that - a path, not a destination. These things just like any other change take time, education and willingness to improve our daily habits for the better. Every single small step matters, and no one is perfect. Starting small is the only sustainable way to go.

We also can’t deny she's super hot and we might have watched her in our clip on repeat.

It's not a surprise that our love is mutual (thank God). We asked her what's her favorite flavor combination, and as a real simple Italian she went for the Vanilla Chocolate. For everyone curious, for this shoot Nikki chose our organic and gluten free cake - Plain Jane (Chocolate and Vanilla).

If you want to meet our muse in person you can find her in Blaek Store in Manly couple of times a week and chat to her about starting your personal sustainable journey.

We hope she inspires you as much as she inspires us. Until the next episode, have some cake.


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