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Paleo, gluten free, dairy free pastry recipe just landed.

Versatile pastry base, with a dietary requirement twist.

Nutjob Bakery gluten free pastry tarts
Nutjob Paleo Pastry Tarts

Created and tested (LOADS) by us, until it was made perfect and irresistible....and tested and approved by many of you. If you know us you know that everything we create, we must perfect until becomes addictive. If it's not addictive (if you don't want to come back for more), it means it's not good enough.

'Those berry tarts were insane, what were they? Mum said she can't stop thinking of them...' –Rosie

Every recipe starts with the longest (yawn) story that no one wants (have time) to read, so we'll just cut to the chase. You came for the recipe, the recipe you shell get.

We will share TWO pastry options. One is gluten free, paleo, and dairy free - super flaky. The other one is a vegan (plant based) version of the same. Think mince tarts, lemon or chocolate custard, or savory quiche - match made in heaven.

This is not a sponsored post, but for your convenience we thought to include some (harder to find) ingredient links.

OPTION ONE Addictive paleo, gluten free, vegan pastry base

What's in it?!

Use pesticide free/organic and Australian ingredients when possible :) and please use kitchen SCALES to weigh all the ingredients.


  1. Mix dry ingredients

  2. Add to dry ingredients: melted (not hot) coconut oil or ghee, Coconut yogurt and hot water

  3. Mix all ingredients well with spatula until it all comes together in a dough

  4. Refrigerate covered (so that it doesn't dry out) for 1 hour

  5. Now it's ready to be hand pressed to desired thickness as mini fruit mince tarts or large savory quiche

We love to oil our muffin tin and press the dough into mini tarts. Mini tarts bake at 175°C for 16-17 min. You should get 10-11 mini tarts from this batter (approx 45g/tart). We leave them to cool and fill them with low sugar cooked seasonal jam or lightly roasted seasonal organic fruit with a dash of coconut syrup. Be creative.

Alternatively, press the dough into large quiche pan 20 cm, pour the filling and bake at 175°C for 25 -30 min (depending on the type of the filling).

The raw crust dough can be refrigerated for up to 5 days, or stored frozen and used within 60 days. We also baked a batch of these crust baskets, and stored them in the freezer. Super easy and quick for when you have guests over or just feel like something sweet. Pop them out, thaw and fill with some lemon custard.

'These tarts remind me of picking fruit and fresh flowers from a spring garden into a basket" - Jac

Have you tried our boxes of freshly baked organic Pastry Puffs yet?

Tell us in the comments if you have any questions, or DM us on the gram, would love to see you baking these.




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