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Organic Summer Peach Melba Dessert

Super easy organic summer dessert to impress whoever you're having over.

For when a Nutjob Organic Cake is too substantial (or you ordered it too late)...there's a way around it.

We haven't got a chance to get a photo of the actual dessert. Just Organic Peaches.

It's officially the peachiest season of the year - and we mean juicy, ripe and rich flavor. Unless you grow them in your backyard (in that case we're a bit jealous), grab them from the Farmer's Market this weekend - you cannot compare freshly picked ones to the ones that sit for weeks in shops under the 'supernatural' (read artificial) light.

Anyway, we're not gonna argue... here's what you need for your supernatural organic light dessert that will impress.


What You'll Need

  • Organic Peaches - 1kg (we get ours from kurrawongorganics every Sat at Carriageworks Market)

  • 250g organic raspberries (fresh or frozen)

  • Whipping Coconut Cream (optional) - (easiest is to get it from Harris Farm)

  • Vanilla Ice Cream (optional) - (brands that are not too bad are Coyo or Pana)

  • Organic liquid sweetener, we love organic honey but whatever you like and have at home will work

Chill Coconut Cream

Make sure your can of coconut whipping cream has been chilled properly (on he bottom shelf of your fridge is coolest btw) for at least 5 hours (overnight is perfetto). Once chilled, whip the cream for a couple of minutes on high speed, we love to add a tablespoon of raw honey to this coconut cream, but we'll leave it to your taste buds. Once whipped, refrigerate while you prepare the rest.

Prepare Raspberry Syrup

If you're using frozen raspberries (thaw them at room temperature) or heat on medium heat until ready to be pressed through a sieve or a fine strainer. If you're using fresh ones, no need to heat. Just press them through a mesh, you want to get the most of their juice and thickness out - this will create a beautiful thick syrup. Make sure to keep the small pits out of the syrup - and discard at the end.

Once you have your thick smooth raspberry juice pressed through the mesh - add a little bit of honey (1tbl)(or to taste). You don't want it too sweet because we need to achieve a nice sour contrast to the rest of the sweet ingredients. Mix well and set aside.

Prepare Peaches

We hope you got some juicy and flavorsome market peaches. Wash them and slice in quarters or eights.

Let's Assemble

It's totally up to you how you wish to assemble the dessert, depending on the occasion and what kind of dessert dish you will be using. We love to start with a good gelato scoop at the bottom of a glass dish, followed by a a couple of slices of peaches, drizzled with raspberry syrup and finished with a touch of whipped coconut cream.

Variations: You can skip the gelato, and achieve a fab even lighter dessert just with the rest of ingredients. Or skip the whipped cream, these are both amazing either way.


Peaches Season

Plan ahead as the peachiest season won't last make this in the next couple of weeks. Our latest Organic Peach Melba Cake (please pick the flavor from the menu drop bar) also won't last forever unfortunately, but if you're having a gathering please have some, she's fabulously peachy.


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