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White Collection - an ode to the sensuous Vanilla

Introducing our latest White Collection - the collection of slowing down time and immortality.

Vanilla Organic Cakes
White Collection Nutjob Bakery

We dedicated our whole White collection to this sensuous flavor …

“Remarkably aromatic, delightfully sensuous …fragrant and tropical” all the words we could describe “vanilla” with.

A couple of findings about Vanilla we thought are just remarkable...

❀ over 150 varieties

❀ no two vanilla beans are the same in flavor, aroma & color

❀ the flower that produces the bean lives only for ONE DAY… “sounds almost poetic”

❀ vanilla beans are handpicked and dried for 4-6 months

❀ used as an aphrodisiac in the past - we told you it’s kind of sexy

Immortal like the Vanilla itself, we dedicated this collection to slowing down time, to be fully immersed in the moment...and these sensuous flavors from around the globe that we added to each of the White Collection cakes will make your feel just like that - immortal and sensuous.

And before you start exploring each of the flavors below, as always each and every ingredient has been thoughtfully sourced from organic and sustainable farms that deeply care about our land. Every cake is absolutely created in the healthiest possible way, reducing the amount of sweetener without compromising on the quality and your experience. All four flavors are gluten free and dairy free (as always), paleo and some are plant based. We hope you enjoy them as much as we loved creating these for you...

White Collection - Tokyo Cake (organic matcha, cherries & vanilla)

The leading role of the White collection is our Tokyo cake....the distinctive flavor pairing of organic Japanese matcha with organic cherries and Broken Nose Vanilla - it's something we couldn't resist creating.

Our Tokyo will take you back to the cherry blossom era, when the time slows down and the vibe becomes like a group picnic, and everything around you is green, white and pink...just like our Tokyo.

Think of garden fresh, crisp, revitalizing experience that will pick you up when you fall...

White Collection - Fig, Caramel & Vanilla Cake

On another hand they say that "Caramel is sugar's leap toward immortality" (Clifton Fadiman)

How to describe our Fig, Caramel & Vanilla cake, other than unbeatable, glossy with a long (immortal) pleasant taste in your mouth.

We read somewhere that two ingredients go well together because they serve to enhance each other, and this is the story of how figs ended up in this eternal cake...because a fruit based caramel is a real treat...

Have we already mentioned that our whole White Collection is fragranced (naturally of course) by Australian, organic and sustainably farmed vanilla from Broken Nose Vanilla (the only vanilla we'll ever use).

White Collection - Organic Vanilla Mocha Cake

Mocha is another immortal flavor traced back to eighteenth-century in Italy & believed the drink was originally named after the mocha bean, from the port of Al Mokka in Yemen, known for their naturally chocolatey flavor...

We celebrate this eternal flavor with our sustainably sourced chocolate, organic espresso beans and crème vanilla cake - it will make you feel like an all night affair.

White Collection - Organic Chai Vanilla

Celebrating slowing down time - our Organic Chai Vanilla adds to the ritual - of starting your day or breaking up an afternoon...

We love to keep our eyes closed. Holding our slice of Chai Vanilla, breathe in the aroma of warm spices and slowly release our breath. A way to center ourselves in the present moment...with a gratitude to the Nature.

You can explore our whole collection here.

Behind The Scenes...

Come with us behind the scenes of our White Collection shoot with our friends Elle Hall Creative (the magic girl behind the camera) & Rosie Browning from Know The Rose (the head of everything styling and taste testing).

Special special thanks to our friend Lauren from Tahah Patterns (the founder of practical and comfortable sewing patterns for little ones to wear) - we know, all our friends are extra humans with super talents.

Lauren surprised us on the day with her little daughter Sia - something to do with our next healthy project. For anyone asking Sia was wearing 100% created from scratch outfit made by Lauren herself - made with love and of course with patterns from Tadah Patterns - we're in awe how beautiful and unique that is.

And while we're admiring all our friends' skills...we might be working on something super special, that some extra healthy parents have been asking for...more news coming very soon. In the meantime you might get a hint from our behind the scenes photos below and our mini leading role Sia that we absolutely adore.

Thanks everyone for reading and we hope you enjoy these moments with us...

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Jun 23, 2023

Love this! And I didn’t know vanilla was so romantic. Far from plain Jane

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