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Why is Nutjob (that's us) paleo, gluten & dairy free and should you go nuts as well?!

There are many little and big folks out there that suffer from coeliac disease or/and experience allergic reactions to gluten, dairy and grains...and they all deserve organic gluten free cake!

We wanted to make their life easier and sweeter by creating mind-blowing treats that not only tick all their dietary requirements, but we wanted to go much further than that. Some of us don't even know that it's not the gluten and dairy we're allergic to, it's often all the other stuff, the way the food is processed, pesticides, additives etc.

They say you can't be everything to everyone, but hey don't believe everything you hear.

At the time we were launching Nutjob Bakery we couldn't find a gluten free and dairy free cake, paleo, processed sugar free, additive free, organic and Australian, all we became all these things.

"In general, the more food we eat in its natural state – without additives – and the less it is refined, the healthier it will be for us. Food can affect the mind, and deficiencies of certain elements in the body can promote mental depression. - Ezra Taft Benson

Should you avoid all these food groups like Nutjob?

Let's answer this question for you...we've interviewed dietitians, holistic practitioners and nutritionists to answer this 'controversial' question...and in short, if you're not experiencing any reactions or discomfort after consuming gluten and dairy, the answer is no, you don't need to go completely gluten free/dairy free. There is no reason to exclude specific food group from your diet just because.

We did it to prove it's possible! There are still some requests that we receive about certain type of food that we haven't been able to cater to (shame on us), but we will keep trying. One of the Nutjob's mantra is "never give up".

"Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food." - Michael Pollan

And if you you wonder...what does Nutjob taste like...

Can you tell something is 'missing' when you eat Nutjob?! Hell NO! Because there's nothing missing. "Missing" means you've taken something away, as in you have removed gluten through a process. We removed nothing. We gathered wholesome ingredients from organic natural sources and created magic for you. Magic that lasts while you're eating Nutjob and much longer, you'll never feel heavy or sick afterwards. You'll be happy forever! If you're not sure if Nutjob is for can always try our small So Extra Box to get a glimpse of what Nutjob tastes like. If that's too risky for you - we get it, not everyone loves to live on the edge.

Who are the folks that eat/looove Nutjob Cakes & Desserts?!

Let's just say that people with different dietary requirements love us - because they can find everything in one place. Athletes love us - mainly because our food is 'clean' and lower in sugar and these guys really care what goes in their bodies (and you should too). We don't want to brag but people that suffer from diabetes tested their sugar levels after a Nutjob treat, and they reported normal/stable levels (no sugar spike, hell yeah). Cake haters (that's a strong word) - people that usually dislike 'traditional' cakes, adore Nutjob cakes, we converted these folks! Babies and kids, the earlier they start the better - these little guys love Nutjob, their taste buds are in their most natural state, why spoiling that with sugary packaged goods when there's Nutjob. Nutjob 1st Cake Smash? We feel pain when someone says "SMASH" but why the hell not?! Tell your babies to be gentle!!

Healthy and simple is sexy!

Whether you suffer from a food allergy or not...focus on real food, food that comes from clean sources (hello Australian pesticide free soil), reduce packaging, visit organic farmers markets as often as possible (stay away from food chain stores), and keep it simple.

Next on the blog...

Two (2) killer recipes for paleo pastry, one's a killer and the other one (will still kill you) but is plant based, lower in carbs and macro friendlier. We promise, you'll love them both!


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