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We believe in the importance of Nature in our daily lives and immersing ourselves into nature as often as improve our health and wellbeing. 

At Nutjob it is all about organic shapes with a natural look at feel, and a flowing curving appearance...the ones you can only find in leaves, plants and animals. 

Nutjob is our way of bringing you more nature into your daily lives,

we reached out into Australian nature to bring you the best of it...

What you see in our photography by our friend photographer Elle Hall is the very end result or the thoroughly planned work... Nutjob dessert making starts a long way before the actual creation - we carefully select each ingredient from clean sources,

choose Australian, and organic/sustainable farming where possible...

We have visited the farms, walked the soil, and know our

friends Farmers by name.

The ingredients we take home are in their purest and as true to their natural form as possible. It is important to us that we know where and how each and every ingredient is grown and harvested, natural clean sources with good energy is the very heart of our cakes (we don't fly cheap ingredients from another part of the world).  

Every single dessert is uniquely handcrafted for You, decorated with pesticide free flowers/native wild greenery & organic fruit, beautifully wrapped and delivered to your home or directly to your event venue, exclusively by Nutjob people in a refrigerated vehicle. 

Prioritizing Australian and local has been proven to reduce food miles - for those of you that don't know  about the food miles equal the distance the food has travelled to us. Reducing food miles lessens our dependence on fossil fuels, and in return it reduces air pollution.

If we can keep our air and soil clean, we can preserve genetic diversity, which means that family farms are able to grow variety of produce and attract variety of animals,

which enhances biodiversity and gives more food options for all of us. 

We strongly believe that supporting local community has a long-term economic impact. Buying from small businesses that produce or source local products keeps the $ in the community, which is why we source more than 95% of our ingredients locally, from small sustainable and organic family farms, from people with good hearts and good energy.  

Small family businesses are more than just a business,

it's a way of life we're trying to preserve for future generations.

We are committed to gathering the freshest seasonal produce from Australian sustainable and organic farms... sustainable and organic farms are the ones that use sustainable practices, meaning no chemicals and pesticides in your food. This way our Farmer friends preserve the health of the food, the people and our land. 


Dedicated to the folks that don't like 'traditional' overly sweet desserts, to the little & big kids with dietary requirements, and to the ones that are passionate about health

and simply want to feel good in the long run!

Everything created at Nutjob is naturally gluten free, dairy free, paleo (grain free), processed sugar free, preservative free, additive free.....we instead reached out into Nature to create the healthiest desserts on Earth....that taste better than treats. 

We keep challenging every single recipe and always at least halve the amount of sweetener in our desserts...truth is, human bodies don't need that much sugar, especially our kids......

we instead focus on seasonal produce and allow natural flavors to shine through. 

You won't see butters or vegetable oils in our desserts either.... in return, the energy value of our desserts is naturally much lower than any other 'conventional' dessert...this makes our cakes lighter on your and your kids' tummy, leaving you with a light feeling,

so you can even pop in two slices at once've never tasted anything like it!


If possible, we're happy to swap ingredients to suit your dietary needs....if you suffer from any allergies or food intolerance, feel free to reach out, we'll do our best to personalize your Nutjob experience, after all this is why we are here. 

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18 Danks Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017 |  M: 043 171 4334

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