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Welcome to our home of radical changes, simple pleasures

and cake rituals.

Our food is a direct homage to the greatness of our land, and organic produce grown only by farmers we know and trust.



We visited their farms, walked the soil, and know our friends Farmers by name. We reached out into their regenerative farms to gather the best from their land.


We believe it is important to include Nature in our daily lives and to immerse ourselves into it as often as a way to preserve and improve our health and wellbeing. 

Nutjob is our way of connecting you with Nature, when life gets in the way...a way to stay grounded and connected.


If something feels slow, it is because it's meant to.

As we practice slow living we also bake slowly, deeply immersed with our whole being. There's a lot of testing, fruit picking, decoration hunting involved and wisdom in each and every piece that leaves our home. 

And if something feels expensive,

it's because these things are rare. 

If you landed here, it is because you believe in the power of

Mother Nature, same as we do.

Please pop in for a chat and cake

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