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Please allow min. 48 hours, everything @Nutjob is made for YOU. Kindly specify delivery/collection date during the checkout. We will be in touch to confirm exact delivery/collection time.



We will personally deliver your desserts 7 days to Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney, Inner City & Northern Beaches or we invite you to collect your desserts in Waterloo NSW. Eastern Suburbs delivery is complimentary. Outside of the area, delivery fee $9/$14 will be added during the checkout.


If you are collecting a cake from our address, please bring a cool bag and ice packs to keep the cake stable during the transport. 


There's nothing worse than a horrible writing on a cake. Please don't ask for it.


PriceFrom $85.00
  • Finding the beauty in simplicity and mediocrity is what we're practicing these holidays.


    Just like the Mediterranean, our Signature Skradin Cake is 'raw',  simple and unpretentious. It originates from a small coastal town Skradin in Croatian Mediterranean.


    We fell in love with Skradin, it's glorious energy and the local food. Skradin is one of the oldest towns in Croatia and due to its favourable geostrategic position, fertile soil and plenty of freshwater sources, the food that grows in this area has an incredible flavour. 


    In the past, our Signature (Skradin) Cake used  to be made only for very festive events, like Christmas, Easter and weddings. It used to be made by brides to celebrate their first wedding night and to impress their future husbands. We were passed on the original 14th century recipe from the custodians of this land, how lucky are we?!


    'Skradin Cake boasts a very different flamboyance and must have drawn its inspiration from the Viennese Sachertorte. The Skradin version is a bold interpretation resulting in an even better cake (yes, we said it!). The Viennese original is replaced with an extravagance of flavours where the marmalade is substituted with honey, an abundance of walnuts, and hardly any flour, as well as rose petal liqueur and a generous chocolate glaze.'



    You will love her.  We served our Skradin Cake at our Birthday event (not that long ago), more than hundred people fell in love with her, and so will you. We also love her because she's so easy to be carried around, so please take her to a gathering you're invited to. She will stay beautiful and fresh for 10 days refrigerated, and boxed. 




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