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How to pick the most perfect flavor for your first Nutjob cake?

We (at organic Nutjob Bakery) get asked this a lot, what is our most fave cake flavor and which one is the most wanted?! Let's get straight to the point... there's no such thing as ONE favorite cake flavor!

By sharing the stories behind the Nutjob cake, you tell the recipient a lot about yourself.

Our taste buds change all the time....either with our nutritional needs or with seasons. No one feels like eating chocolate every single day (unless you've been dieting for a while and your body is energy depleted). Some days you just crave for that smooth chocolate vibe in your mouth, but there are also days when you just feel like something fresh, fruity and light.

You'd notice the need for something fresh and light is most common in spring and summer, whereas our bodies crave for something cozy like caramel and chocolate as soon as the weather cools down.

The first question we start with is: chocolate or vanilla?! And even though this often changes during our lives, it can be a good starting point, especially if you're getting a cake for someone else. For example I used to be a really dark chocolate cake person back in the days when I lived in Europe. Ever since I moved to Australia, my taste buds changed 360 I'll say yes to all the light coconut and fruit desserts.

“Fruit or no fruit?"

Whatever your answer was to the previous question, next thing is to determine whether you love fruit in your cake, or nah. And that should wrap the whole thing up. You're either a no messing around chocolate/caramel person (in that case jump straight to our Latest collection you dark soul), or you're chocolate and cherries type.... Nutjob Marble Obsession is your kinda dessert !!

Everyone else (Vanilla & Coconut, Fruit people) should jump straight to our Vanilla Coco + Seasonal Organic Fruit.

There's a story behind every single Nutjob creation....

If you're looking to connect with your dessert on a deeper level, or you need a cool story to tell about a cake you've chosen for your friend's birthday.... there's a story behind every single Nutjob creation and why it's been created in the first place.

For example... our Signature Torte has a very special place in our hearts, it reminds us of the most romantic Mediterranean coastal nights and it was the first ever naturally paleo and gluten free cake we have ever tasted in Skradin at the most authentic restaurant (konoba) Bonaca ...extra points for keeping the original recipe from 18th century until today, as a way of keeping the history of Skradin in Croatia alive.

So next time when choosing a cake for yourself or for someone else, keep this in mind and make it more meaningful...because a cake is so much more than just a cake.

Buying a pre-boxed cake from a commercial shop says that you've just given up on life... your choice was more about convenience or quantity or price, not quality.


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